Focusing on What Really Matters

CTI has three aspects of core competencies: Technology, Marketing and Sales, and Distribution Channel. Since the beginning of CTI, we never stop putting focus on these core competencies qualities.

These competencies take us to reach several successes in years: 

  • More than 1700 people resources
  • More than 60 IT major brands
  • More than 250 international certified sales personnel & more than 150 international certified technical engineers
  • More than 500 international technical certifications 
  • More than 2000 local and regional events from 2003
  • More than 9000 channeling contacts, with 950+ active channel contacts
  • More than 6000 End Users
  • Up to 19 times revenue growth by 2014

The three aspects have been our competitive advantage and taking us a step closer to be the most preferred IT infrastructure solution partner in South East Asia

Technology is our backbone that keeps us standing firm and moving forward. As the technologies around the world are evolving, so does CTI’s technology.

CTI Technology Center
We have an integrated demo chamber and training room, called CTI Technology Center. We bring latest technologies to our Technology Center.

Ability to perform multiplatform knowledge integration
CTI Group currently employs over 150s internationally certified technical engineers with 500 internationally certified technical supports, regularly trained and updated with the latest technology trend and industrial knowledge. Through numerous field experiences and multiple international certifications, each CTI technical engineer is capable of performing multiplatform technology integration. 

When it comes to CTI marketing and sales team, it is more like a group of technologist that knows how to market and sell products.

  • We have more than 200 internationally certified sales specialists, so the flow of transferring information could be executed swiftly as all CTI sales are proven to be competent professionals in their field.
  • We have strong Marketing & Coverage Development team to cover more than 300+ activities / year. By conducting regular technology update and technology trends through seminars, technical boot camp, press conferences etc, the marketing team aims to give our partner channel the base knowledge necessary to support their clients and for direct users to understand the true benefit and needs based on their own necessities.
  • CTI Marketing team is proactively contributing in lead generation through Marketing activities conducted by CTI in one year, showing that our Marketing team is indeed the force to be reckoned with in order to keep CTI moves forward in IT industry.


For more than a decade, CTI has been actively involved in IT industry. Through countless business transactions and by upholding good reputation in the industry, CTI has managed to produce a strong distribution channel to distribute the best products to the right customers, and to drive revenue through the entire distribution channel.

By integrating all instruments of infrastructure and people resources, CTI Group will be able to reach major market segments and accommodate Business Partners and Customers' needs with complete IT infrastructure solutions

Another additional note worth mentioning is our latest involvement in the retail market, by spreading our wings to e-commerce. Our grand launching of Paradise Store on December 2014 was indeed a big step taken by CTI Group to enter the online market, supported by offline chain stores around JABODETABEK and Bandung area, and in your city soon.