Our Business

PT Computrade Technology International (CTI Group) is a leading distributor and provider of infrastructure and information technology solutions in Indonesia.

Established in 2003, CTI has transformed itself into a holding company with several subsidiary companies. CTI currently oversees eleven IT companies specializing in several areas of expertise based on product and service differentiation: PT Virtus Technology Indonesia, PT Blue Power Technology, PT Central Data TechnologyPT Defender Nusa Semesta, Equine Technologies GroupPT Helios Informatika, PT Inovasi Informatika Indonesia, PT Mega Buana Teknologi, PT JEDI Global Teknologi, PT Smartnet Magna Global  and PT XDC Indonesia.

As a pioneer in IT Infrastructure Solution Partner with core technology and people as well as resources and personal engagement that set us apart from companies in a similar industry, we have grown from being a local company to a full-fledged multinational company in 16 years’ time.

By utilizing our original and self-developed Business Partners Coverage and Competence Matrix, we possess the capability to identify, engage and work together with targeted partners in specific solutions.


Aiming to be the most preferred IT Solution Infrastructure in South East Asia region, we take pride in our strong ability, credibility, and vast experiences to deliver the best services to our partners and a large number of local and regional customers. With six subsidiaries classified by product area and competency, we ready to offer competitive IT Infrastructure solutions amongst other products currently available in the regional market.

Vision: to be the most preferred IT Solution Partner in South East Asia

Mission: to achieve sustainable growth through Market Coverage, Service Excellence and Technical Competence

Purposes & Core Values

The rapid advance of IT Industry has fundamentally transformed the way and the speed on how people think, connect and conduct business in the past decade. The substantial increase in adopting information technology, products and services have put a lot of pressure to the marketplace in acquiring the right skill set and technologies infrastructure to be able to compete in the marketplace.  

By understanding the huge potential on how fast the IT industry will transform the marketplace, since 2003 we have been dedicated ourselves to bring the right skill set, strong IT Infrastructure solutions, and integration experts to support hundreds of our business partners and thousands of local and regional customers to differentiate themselves and stand firm in the competition, with aim to be the most preferred IT Solution infrastructure in South East Asia

Three Things We Know To Be True

Since Computrade Technology International has been established, there are three principles that we hold true:

1. Integrity
We see integrity as a starting point, not an endpoint, through commitment to bring solution for all our clients and customers, we aim to gain trust from you not only from the way we speak but also by showing how we answer your challenges. More than simply by "doing the right thing", we listen to your thoughts and concerns and seek to anticipate issues so that we may offer targeted solutions and options to resolve problems and minimize impacts. We deliver what we commit to you. 

2. Humble
From the beginning, we are focusing to be the most preferred IT solution partner for our customers. Whether you are a big company or small businesses, we take great ensuring that we listen to you before reacting and giving you solution before gaining, because we believe that humble is not thinking less about you but thinking in humility on our side. And we continue giving the right solution for all of our clients and customers.

3. Strive for Excellence
How we do this is important. CTI believes that meeting our clients' expectations is an obligation, but exceeding our clients' expectations is a must. By encouraging creativity and discovery of improvements, we are improving our skill set and knowledge continuously to be able to give you the best customer experience.

These 3 (three) core values inspire who we are, what we do and how much our people put their hearts to our services. We believe that relationships are built to keep quality in best shape, to assign dedicated people for every stakeholder, namely our partners in technology and business as well as our customers.