Harry Surjanto
Founder and CEO of CTI Group

Mr. Surjanto began his career in IT industry as a technical engineer in 1993. His dedication, strong leadership and strategic thinking have been proven in numerous positions he was entrusted in, such as business leader, product team leader, VP of customer partnership, etc.

Mr. Surjanto believes that humility and passion are the things that drive one’s success. Thus, continuous learning and strive for excellence have become the foundation of CTI group culture that brought us to be the fastest growing IT company in Indonesia.

Rachmat Gunawan
Co-Founder and COO of CTI Group

Mr. Gunawan has over 25 years of experience in information technology, both enterprise project management and value added distribution. His experience and expertise had motivated him to be co-founder of Computrade Technology International.

Mr. Gunawan is known for his strong strategic planning and business development. In his past 10 years dedication to CTI, he determined and focused to grow the company and has led CTI to be the first IT local company ever gone regional.

David Limina
CFO of CTI Group

Mr David Limina oversees financial operations, strategy and planning for CTI both Indonesia and regional. He has more than 20 years of experience in finance, working primarily with technology and technology-related services organizations. 

In his 10 years career with CTI, David has worked on numerous positions in variety of business line and finance executive positions in CTI Group, including Director of PT. Xsis Mitra Utama (2005), Director of PT. Niagaprima Paramitra (2009), Commissioner of PT. Virtus Technology Indonesia (2011), Director of PT. XDC Indonesia.