Life at CTI Group

Grow, Enjoy and Appreciate (GREAT) are the three values that make working in CTI Group interesting. The management has committed to build a system and working environment embracing the employees to experience the values in CTI Group culture, from individual development plans to the yearly overseas trips. CTI Group ensures that all employees have a balanced life both inside and outside of the office.

In CTI Group, we believe that each employee possesses higher potential than what they currently realize, and with the right development approach, it will be ready to be unleashed. That is the reason why all CTI employees are expected to work hard in a smart way.  Our goal is to help employees unlock that potential by routinely reviewing their processes and accomplishments to help them become resilient, swift and productive employees.



In today’s economy, a learning process is required for all businesses to thrive. A company without proper and adequate learning will surely fall behind others in the tight competition of current business world. We strongly believe that in order for a company to be able to grow sustainably, a developing and growing team is the key. CTI believes that employees are the most valuable assets, they are the true driving force behind a company’s growth and success. Through hard and soft skill trainings, we truly hope that the employees can continue to grow and mature together with the company in achieving success in the future. 



Working hard is necessary, but working smart is a must. The management never ceases to emphasize the importance of cooperative and comfortable working environment in the company, which in turn will succeed in establishing a healthy yet fun working environment in all working premises of CTI Group. 

The management is taking a brilliant effort in creating and designing internal games competitions such as Counter Strike, gym day and milk day, to make sure all the employees could really enjoy being a part of the family.



Appreciation, as a basic human need, could also be functioning as the basic for company’s key success. In CTI we believe that developing a culture of appreciation throughout the entire organization could lead us to success, not only in terms of company’s profit and productivity but also in possessing the ability to lift employees' spirit and increase the awareness of organization expectations as well as humanizing the values and standards.

“Next to excellence, comes the appreciation of it”. Businesses that proactively use appreciation attest to its powerful value. That is why appreciation becomes the core value of CTI culture and can be used as a secret weapon to propel the company above the competitors

Employee recognition award, culture competition and yearly overseas trips are the programs designed to show the company’s appreciation of the efforts the employees make for CTI.