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Big Switch Network is a data center networking company. Big Switch has two products such as Big Monitoring Fabric and Big Cloud Fabric. Big Monitoring Fabric is a network packet broker (NPB) fabric, which enables security and monitoring of data center and cloud traffic. Big Cloud Fabric is a data center switching fabric for OpenStack clouds, VMware SDDC and container use cases.




Big Monitoring Fabric™ (Big Mon) ) is the next-generation network packet broker, delivering pervasive visibility and DMZ security at scale. Network operators can now see fast and act fast to defend the network and ensure high-performance delivery of services and applications. Big Mon combines the functions of traditional network packet brockers (NPB) with the intelligence, agility, and flexibility of a true SDN fabric. It delivers network packets to both passive and active performance and security tools, and allows network and security teams to define delivery policies for each tool. Unlike traditional NPBs, which function box-by-box, Big Mon acts as a single logical NPB — built with open-hardware networking switches and x86-based DPDK Service Nodes, managed from a high-availability controller. This superior design allows the entire visibility and security architecture to be operated through a single pane of glass. Every tool has continuous or on-demand visibility into all traffic, across every rack, every location, and every workload. Because Big Mon’s logical NPB fabric is decoupled from the physical visibility nodes, network operators can deploy, operate, scale and innovate faster.

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