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Double-Take Availability combines continuous real-time replication and automatic failover capabilities for disaster recovery, high availability, and centralized backup on physical or virtual Windows servers either locally or Over a WAN link. Supports MS Exchange, SQL Server, Oracle, SharePoint, BES and more.

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Double-Take Availability
Double-Take® AvailabilityTM for Windows is the first real-time high availability and disaster recovery solution to offer options for physical, virtual, and cloud servers. Double-Take Availability allows you to fine-tune your recovery and efficiency targets with flexible RTO and RPO.
- Provides comprehensive high availability and disaster recovery
- Supports any combination of physical, virtual, and cloud servers
- Enables real-time protection for data, applications, and entire servers
- Uses your existing hardware, software, and network
- Enables easy, full-server failover in minutes, not hours
- Supports dissimilar hardware
- Manages the entire protection environment from a single unified console
- Protects Exchange, SQL, SharePoint, BES, Oracle, MySQL and more
- Provides multiple recovery points in case of logical data corruption and data has no distance limits between servers

Double-Take Disaster Recovery (DR)
Double-Take® DR helps you create a reliable disaster recovery plan with minimal infrastructure investment, and enables you to diversify your existing strategy to avoid a single point of failure. - Set up your repository server anywhere; locally, co-located off site, or in the cloud.
- Protect critical applications, data, or entire server image, with the freedom to recover easily to any physical, virtual, or cloud server.
- Implement a solution that uses the infrastructure you have now and adapts to whatever changes you make in the future.
- Achieve comprehensive protection across Windows and Linux servers running on physical, virtual, and public and private cloud environments.

Double-Take Share
Double-Take® ShareTM makes it easy to capture, transform, enhance, and replicate data across multiple databases, operating systems and physical, virtual or cloud platforms.
- Reliable change data capture ensures data integrity
- Transforms and enhances data during replication between different databases
- Supports all leading database and operating system platforms
- Built-in conflict resolution and collision monitoring
- Enables transaction auditing for compliance
- Flexible data sharing topologies
- LAN/WAN friendly

Double-Take Move
Double-Take® MoveTM allows you to migrate physical, virtual, and cloud server workloads in real-time over any distance. Maintain your productivity with technology that virtually eliminates risk and downtime during migrations.
- True any-to-any migration between physical, virtual, and cloud platforms
- Efficient real-time replication crosses geographical boundaries with nearly zero downtime
- Cloud-ready for public, private, and hybrid cloud infrastructure - Designed for ease of use and automation for businesses of all sizes


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