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Dbvisit sells database software and support (for Oracle Database).The company offers a complete solution and building replication products and are not distracted by other applications or line of business by working in partnership with a worldwide network of value-added resellers, technology solution providers, and independent consultants. These partners provide hardware, cloud infrastructure, essential software, professional services, and first level support. 




Dbvisit Standby 

Dbvisit Standby is an off-the-shelf, low-cost, high performance disaster recovery solution for Oracle Standard Edition (SE) database users. 

  • Elegant fully featured web-based interface plus command line 
  • Full support for RAC, ASM and OMF 
  • Automatic creation of standby database to save time 
  • Designed to make life easy for DBAs and Administrators 


With both a graphical user interface and access to the command line Dbvisit Standby is very simple to install, configure and administer. It automatically creates the standby database and standby database environment and includes all the tools and utilities to effectively and easily manage it.

Threshold setting and automatic notification with conflict resolution

Automatic management of log fi les on the primary and secondary database

Fully Featured
Out of the box Dbvisit Standby matches Data Guard on features such as failover, graceful switchover, RAC, ASM and OMF and includes a number of advanced features such as compression, monitoring and encryption for archive log transportation.


In the event of a failure Dbvisit Standby ensures applications switch over to the Standby database in a matter of minutes, saving you the inconvenience of dealing with restoration delays, undue pressure on other systems and hardware unavailability. 

• Automatic continuation, without human intervention
• No database triggers to avoid operational conflicts and 

performance issues 

Save on time and money 

Maintaining your database and protecting it against failures is an essential part of the DBAs job. Without the right tools it can prove to be the most unproductive part of it too. Because Dbvisit Standby gives you control over your database environment it makes managing it less of a chore and frees up more time to focus on other activities. Additionally, the savings on license costs and maintenance fees are significant (up to 85%), as there is no need to upgrade to Enterprise Edition to utilize Data Guard. 

Run reports, backups and business analysis
Automatic log resending and RE synching on database rebuild 


Dbvisit Replicate 

Dbvisit Replicate is one of Dbvisit that allow you to synchronizing, reporting, and sharing data across the enterprise. Features:

• Configurations: Full support for RAC, ASM and OMF; cloud, on-premise, hybrid environments
• Technology: Internal redo log mining, conflict detection and resolution handlers
• Affordable: Three editions to choose from to meet your needs and your budget 

• Flexible: Perpetual license or monthly use pricing
• Support: Highly regarded responsive, effective, and caring product support
• Efficient redo log-based change data capture mining technology detects changes at the source database and delivers the changed data to one or more targets

• Real-time replication across Oracle® & non-Oracle® databases on different OS platforms


• And many more 

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