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Helios Mobility Suite (HMS) is an enterprise mobility solutions that are designed and developed based on the challenges that our customers facing in enterprise mobility adoption. HMS can address the issues about mobile security and device management, as well as increase the productivity of field workers or sellers. It provides end-to-end solutions, from configuring, managing and securing your mobile devices. It can easily integrates with your mobile applications. With Helios Mobility Suite, you can keep innovating your business through mobile solutions without hassle.


Helios Mobile Suite has six modules:

1.EndPoint Management

Managing and monitoring a huge number of corporate mobile devices have been an all-time challenge for most of enterprises. Therefore, HMS provides Endpoint Management Module to help enterprises automate and unify endpoint management so that IT team can simply manage all device types through one single dashboard, HMS portal. 

2. GPS Tracking

As today’s global workforce is increasingly mobile, enterprises are facing new issues on how to ensure the productivity of their mobile employees and optimize their work through mobile devices. To help enterprises get rid of the hurdles, HMS provides GPS Tracking module which enterprises will be able to track their mobile workforce activities anywhere, at any time. 

3. Security & Control

Although mobility strategy has benefited business to be more agile, the security for both data and devices are still becoming big concern for enterprises. To overcome this issue, HMS offers a solution to prevent data leakage by blocking the application access for a certain period of time if the device is not properly protected or not connected to the controlling system.

4. Application and Content Management

The complexity of deploying and managing thousands of mobile devices is always becoming main issue for IT team. The mobile users may also face difficulties when they have to install corporate application or install the updates on their mobile devices. HMS with its Application and Content Management module helps enterprises automatically install and update the corporate mobile applications without users even noticing. 

5. Messaging

To accelerate program communication from head office to mobile employees, HMS offers Messaging Module that provides an immediate way to have a seamless communication and file distribution effectively and efficiently. This module allows enterprises to push various message types to employees' devices ranging from text, image to video format. The pop-up message screen can be closed only if the message receiver has read the entire message on their device. 

6. Kiosk Mode

Kiosk Mode is a module to turn your mobile devices become kiosk for specific business purpose. Enterprises have to decide which application to be installed on the android devices. Once the device is locked down for Kiosk Mode, the device will only serve a specific function with single application. It is mostly used for self service solutions such as mobile POS, in-flight or in-car media entertainment, self ordering system, and many more.

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