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Inovasi Informatika Indonesia (i3) is a private company, owned 100% by Indonesia, to help Indonesian IT Professionals upscale their expertise, achieves their fullest potential. We deliver trainings of leading technologies, and deliver them with open heart, believing that is the best way to teach, and that by being Humble, teachers can learn a lot from their students as well.


Across the time, there are request from our customers to also deliver services, not only because we can, but we also earn their trust to upscale their IT, Our services cover 4 major areas of expertise: Open Source, Virtualization, Database, and IT Security. All Services are handled by our certified and experienced consultants."


In order to strive for excellence, we are eager to challenge ourselves to be better and better in teaching methods, new technologies, new best practices, new partners.


Specialties: IT Training, Services, Consulting 





Upscaling your People through training:

- Authorised training materials from world-class brands.

- Focus on technology transfer and client’s empowerment.

- Local language (Indonesian) or English.

- Clean, tidy, and comfortable classroom.

- High quality of classroom infrastructure.

- Access to CTI Technology Center.

- ILT (Instructor-Led Training), workshops, in-house, and customised class.

- Strategic location.

- Free parking.

- Skill Assestment and Gap Analysis

- Monitoring Post-Training





Upscaling your IT through services:

Infrastructure Services, Virtualization & Cloud Services:

- Servers, Unix (AIX, Solaris), Linux (Red Hat, Fedora, Oracle, Ubuntu, CentOS, SUSE, etc)

- High-availability & Disaster Recovery (IBM, Oracle, Red Hat, Double-Take, VMware)

- Virtualization (VMware, Red Hat, Proxmox, Oracle)

- Cloud (Private, Public, Hybrid)


DB & Middleware:

- Relational Database (EDB, Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL, MSSQL, IBM DB2)

- Middleware (Jboss, Oracle Weblogic, IBM Websphere)


Network & Security Services:

- Network & Security consulting service, assessment and implementation

- Penetration Testing, Hardening & Compliance 


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