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IBM, acronym for International Business Machines, is a multinational computer technology and consulting corporation.The company is one of the few information technology companies with a continuous history dating back to the 19th century. IBM manufactures and sells computer hardware and software, and offers infrastructure services, hosting services, and consulting services in areas ranging from mainframe computers to nanotechnology 




Business Analytic


Business analytics helps your organization recognize subtle trends and patterns so you can anticipate and shape events and improve outcomes. Not only can you drive more top-line growth and control costs, you can also identify risks that could derail your plans – and take timely corrective action


1.     Cognos

Cognos is IBM's business intelligence (BI) and performance management software suite. The software is designed to enable business users without technical knowledge to extract corporate data, analyze it and assemble reports.

Product Overview:


Cognos Enterprise

Cognos Enterprise is part of the Cognos family; a collection of software that addresses the business intelligence and performance management needs of individuals, workgroups, midsize businesses and large enterprises.

List of Products:

·       Cognos BI

·       Cognos Insight

·       Cognos TM1


Cognos Express

IBM Cognos Express provides enterprise-class reporting, analysis, dashboard, visualization, scorecard, planning, budgeting and forecasting capabilities that workgroups and midsize companies need at a price they can afford with a few limitation than Cognos Enterprise

Cognos Sales Performance Management (SPM)

A software that automates the process of calculating and reporting variable-based pay, providing more visibility and accountability into one of their largest variable expenses to enable new kinds of compensation plans that drive desired sales behavior, reduce commission cycle times, and eliminate errors in overpayments.

List of Products:

·       Cognos Incentive Compensation Management

·       Cognos Territory Management

·       Cognos Quota Management



Cognos Disclosure Management (CDM)

A secure, collaborative, enterprise-scalable reporting and process automation solution that enables users to merge enterprise data with focused narrative analysis in a controlled, auditable environment.

List of Products:

·       Enterprise Disclosure Management

·       Financial Management Process Automation

·       Security, Control and Governance

·       Multi-jurisdictional XBRL support



2.     Risk Analytic

A Solution that enable the world’s most successful companies to make risk-aware decisions through smarter enterprise risk management programs and methodologies - driving business performance and better outcomes.

Product Overview:


Open Pages Products

A solution that enable customers to manage risk and compliance initiatives across the enterprise, helping businesses to reduce loss, improve decision-making about resource allocation, and optimize business performance

List of Products:

·       Open Pages GRC Platform

·       Open Pages Operational Risk Management

·       Open Pages Policy and Compliance Management

·       Open Pages Financial Controls Management

·       Open Pages IT Governance

·       Open Pages Internal Audit Management


Algorithmic Product

A software that enables financial institutions and corporate treasuries to make risk-aware business decisions. Supported by a global team of risk experts based in all major financial centers, IBM Algorithmic solution offerings include market, credit and liquidity risk, as well as collateral and capital management.

List of Products:

·       Algo Asset Liability Management

·       Algo Collateral Management

·       Algo Risk Service on Cloud

·       Algo Risk



3.     SPSS Software

Predictive analytics software that can help predict with confidence what will happen next so that you can make smarter decisions, solve problems and improve outcomes.

List of Products:

·       SPSS Data Collection

·       SPSS Statistics

·       SPSS Data Modeler

·       SPSS Analytical Decision Management

·       SPSS Analytic Catalyst




IBM Collaboration Solution

Business collaboration software and solutions that could empower people inside and outside your organization to connect, collaborate, and innovate, create a smarter workforce.

1.     Messaging and Collaboration

A security-rich enterprise class messaging and business applications to organizations of all shapes and sizes. Change the common ways of communication as by email to social email experiences, create a more effective workforce, speed adoption of newer tools, and reduce costs.


List of Products:

·       IBM Notes

·       IBM Domino

·       IBM Mobile Connect

·       Lotus Protector for Mail Security


2.     Social Software and Unified Communication

A software that empower their customers, partners, and employees by becoming social businesses that connect, engage, and deliver breakthrough business results such as secure instant messaging, web conferencing, and team collaboration software.

List of Products:

·       IBM Social Business Software

·       IBM Connections

·       IBM Sametime

·       IBM Lotus Quickr


3.     Smart Cloud

A solutions for companies with the benefits and flexibility to access information from anywhere and the cost savings of off site infrastructure and management.

4.     Web Sphere Portal

Enterprise web portals that help companies deliver a highly personalized, social experience for their customers. Web Sphere Portal products give users a single point of access to the applications, services, information and social connections they need. These products help increase visitor response and reduce web operations cost while offering a range of capabilities to meet your business needs.


Industry Solution

IBM Industry Solutions is a business unit focused on delivering high-value, integrated solutions, which enable better business outcomes for clients by building smarter industries.

1.     B2B & Commerce

A solution for selling and fulfillment, which support all aspects of Commerce lifecycle.


List of Products:

·       Sterling B2B Integration

·       Sterling Managed File Transfer

·       Web Sphere Commerce



2.     Enterprise Content Management

A software that enables companies to make better decisions, faster by controlling content, companies can use industry-specific solutions to capture, manage and share information.

List of Products:

·       Filenet Business Process Manager

·        Datacap Taskmaster Capture Family

·       Filenet Content Manager Family


3.     Enterprise Marketing Management

An end-to-end solutions, integrated set of capabilities designed for marketers and related organizations focused on improving marketing processes, understanding customers as individuals, optimizing pricing and product offerings, and engaging buyers in relevant interactions across digital, social, and traditional marketing channels.


List of Products:

·       IBM Web Sphere Multichannel Bank Transformation Toolkit

·       IBM I2 Analyst’s Notebook

·       IBM Intelligent Operation Center for Smarter Cities

·       IBM Cross Channel Marketing Optimization (UNICA)


4.     Smarter Commerce

A solutions that helps companies integrate and manage their value chain better, focused on Buy, Market, Sell and Service processes, which leads to greater customer loyalty, revenue & profit margin growth, and agility. Smarter Commerce includes multiple IBM products/solutions, including B2B & Commerce, EMM, and ECM from within Industry Solutions.


Information Management

A solutions that deliver trusted information throughout your information supply chain and help you analyze your information to gain insights, identify breakdowns, and make better decisions that will optimize your business.

1.     Data Management

IBM database software is optimized to deliver industry-leading performance across multiple workloads, while lowering administration, storage, development, and server costs, manage data from requirements to retirement, and assure the privacy and integrity of your data.

List of Products:

·       IBM DB2 Database Software Family

·       IBM Informix Family

·       IBM Solid DB


2.     Big Data and Netezza

An enterprise class big data platform that allows you to address the full spectrum of big data business challenges.

List of Products:

·       IBM Info Sphere Big Insight

·       IBM Netezza Appliance Family


3.     Information Integration and Governance

A solution that can help organizations to discover relationships among data items in diverse locations, and collaborate across business and technical teams to share and maintain data definitions.

List of Products:

·       IBM Info Sphere Master Data Management

·       IBM Info Sphere Optim Test Data Management

·       IBM Info Sphere Optim Data Masking

·       IBM Info Sphere Guardium

·       IBM Info Sphere Data Stage




IBM Rational offers products and services that accelerate software delivery, with strong marketplace differentiation. Our collaborative, open standards-based lifecycle integration platform offers the industry’s most comprehensive management for the software and systems development lifecycle. It allows organizations to better integrate processes across the lifecycle; collaborate among teams, roles, platforms, and geographies; and optimize this vital business process through better measurement and alignment with business priorities.

1.     Enterprise Architecture

Enterprise architecture management (EAM) connects the business and technology needs of an organization into a cohesive and dynamic blueprint, providing key capabilities for managing the impact of business-driven change.

List of Products:

·       Rational System Architect

·       Rational Focal Point


2.     Application Lifecycle Management

Solutions from IBM Rational allow businesses to manage the flow of people, process, and information across the software delivery lifecycle. IBM’s flagship ALM offering, called Collaborative Lifecycle Management (CLM), provides agility with governance and improved alignment with business priorities.


Security System

IBM has developed a leading portfolio of security products and services spanning People, Data, Applications, and Infrastructure.

1.     Security Intelligence and Analytics

Internet-based threats and fraud continue to proliferate in today’s complex networks. Compounding this problem is a steady rise in insider theft of valuable corporate information. Organizations must be able to consolidate siloed information to more effectively detect and manage complex threats. Security-related information should be normalized, correlated and analyzed to quickly deliver intelligence that allows organizations to detect, notify and respond to threats missed by other solutions with isolated visibility.

List of Products:

·       QRadar SIEM

·       QRadar Log Manager

·       QRadar Risk Manager

·       QRadar QFlow and VFlow Collectors


2.     Identity and Access Management

Businesses need to make sure people across their organization and supply chain have access to the data and tools that they need, when they need it, while blocking those who do not need or should not have access. Key business challenges include the ability to effectively manage the on boarding and off boarding of dynamic work forces, as well as the need to improve secure collaboration among customers, suppliers and business partners.

List of Products:

·       IBM Tivoli Identity Manager

·       IBM Tivoli Access Manager Family


3.     Data Security

Effective information security starts with a risk management approach that balances risks and rewards against availability and confidentiality of data. Organizations need to support widespread collaboration, while protecting their critical data - whether it’s in transit or at rest. They need to understand where their critical data lives and have methodologies in place to manage processes associated with classifying, prioritizing and protecting data.

List of Products:

·       Info Sphere Guardium

·       Info Sphere Optim Data Masking

·       IBM Key Lifecycle Management


4.     Application Security

Enterprises need to preemptively and proactively protect their business-critical applications and processes from external and internal threats throughout their entire life cycle - from design to implementation and production. This typically requires a combination of capabilities such as centralized authentication, access and audit policy management, web-application vulnerability scanning and threat prevention.

List of Products:

·       App Scan Enterprise

·       App Scan Source

·       App Scan Standard

·       Data Power Security Gateway


5.     Infrastructure Security (Network and End Point)

Businesses need tools to protect against known threats, but also guard against unknown threats. Effective threat and vulnerability management also needs to be proactive rather than reactive, preventing problems rather than responding to them. To be efficient and effective, businesses need to address prevention, detection and compliance in a more integrated way.

List of Products:

·       Network Protection

·       QRadar Network Anomaly Detection

·       Tivoli End Point Manager

·       Server and Virtualization Security



IBM is helping organizations embrace bold strategies to Rethink IT and Reinvent Business services, processes, and relationships. Success is driven through a holistic approach to delivering and managing services that adapts to changing priorities and provides Visibility, Control, & Automation to all avenues of the business.

1.     Optimize with Cloud

These solutions support open standards such as Open Stack, TOSCA and OSLC. This support gives your organization a flexible platform that frees it from having to lock in to a particular vendor. IBM cloud management solutions can also accelerate delivery of innovative services and simplify control of virtualized environments.

List of Products:

·       IBM Smart Cloud Monitoring

·       IBM Smart Cloud Control Desk


2.     Extend to Mobile Devices

IBM offers a comprehensive platform that enables organizations to see and manage applications, services, and security of mobile devices and endpoints.

List of Products:

·       IBM End Point Manger for Mobile Devices

·       MAAS360


3.     Data Protection and Storage

IBM offers a comprehensive, flexible portfolio of data protection and storage solutions that help organizations understand, classify, protect, and retain data across the enterprise.

List of Product:

·       Tivoli Storage Manager


4.     Deploy Smarter Physical Infrastructures

IBM offers a complete set of capabilities needed to instrument and interconnect today’s smarter infrastructures and manage end-to-end service delivery (asset & facilities management, service desk, event collection & correlation, security, dashboards, etc.).

List of Products:

·       IBM Smart Cloud Application Performance Management

·       IBM Maximo Asset Management

·       IBM Tririga


Web Sphere

IBM Web Sphere software provides businesses with an IT infrastructure that maximizes both flexibility and responsiveness. Businesses are able to address new opportunities presented by potentially disruptive technologies, while responding more quickly to changing business environments.

1.     Application Infrastructure

Efficiently delivering applications and services with robust performance and security.

List of Products:

·       Web Sphere Application Server

·       Web Sphere Extreme Scale


2.     Connectivity and Integration

Fast, flexible, and reliable access to processes, applications and information regardless of platform, device, or data formats.

List of Products:

·       Web Sphere Integration Bus

·       Web Sphere MQ Series

·       Web Sphere Data Power


3.     Business Process Management

Discover, document, automate, and improve business processes and decisions.

List of Products:

·       IBM BPM

·       iLog


4.     Mobile Development and Connectivity

Quickly and efficiently develop mobile applications that deliver rich user experiences.


List of Product:

Work Light



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