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Imperva is a provider of cyber and data security products. With an integrated security platform, Imperva data center security provides tools to combat attack, theft, and fraud, mitigate risk, and streamline regulatory compliance.



1. Application Security

What BPT and Imperva offer:

SecureSphere Web Application Security
Web Application Security solutions from Imperva enable you to prevent breaches and downtime by protecting your data where it's accessed - your web applications - securing them against web attacks, DDoS, site scraping, and fraud.
List of Products:
• Imperva SecureSphere Web Application Firewall
• SecureSphere Web Application Firewall Add-Ons

SecureSphere File Security
Imperva SecureSphere File Security solutions let you confidently protect what matters most: your critical data stored in file servers and SharePoint systems. With SecureSphere, you can prove to auditors, clients, and other stakeholders that tight controls are in place and regulations are being fully met. From preventing data theft to quickly responding to incidents, you're equipped.
List of Products:
• SecureSphere File Activity Monitor
• SecureSphere File Firewall
• SecureSphere for SharePoint
• User Rights Management for Files
• SecureSphere Directory Services Monitor

DDoS Protection
The Imperva Incapsula service delivers a multi-faceted approach to DDoS defense, providing blanket protection from all DDoS attacks to shield your critical online assets from these threats. Incapsula DDoS protection services are backed by a 24x7 security team, 99.999% uptime SLA, and a powerful, global network of data centers
• Imperva Website DDoS Protection
• Imperva Infrastructure DDoS protection
• Imperva Name Server DDoS Protection

Cloud Security
The comprehensive Imperva cyber security portfolio extends across the cloud to provide unmatched protection for the gaps that can be introduced by the adoption of cloud applications
List of Products:
• SecureSphere for AWS
• Skyfence

2. Data Security

What BPT and Imperva offer:

SecureSphere Database Security
Imperva SecureSphere Database Security solutions provide a cyber security solution that discovers your database assets and risks, protects sensitive data, and complies with company governance and mandated regulations.
List of Products:
• Database Activity Monitor • Database Firewall
• Database Assesment
• Big Data Security
• Database Security Add-Ons

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