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Shenzhen Sundray Technologies Co., Ltd. (a wholly-owned subsidiary of Sangfor, hereinafter referred to as Sundray Technologies) is an enterprise WLAN network equipment supplier, specializing in R&D, manufacturing, and marketing of enterprise-level wireless LAN products at the application layer. Located in Intelligent Park of Nanshan District near Shenzhen University town with more than 2000+ employees, we have professional and advanced testing environment and equipment. Sundray strictly controls the quality in the manufacturing process. We consistently complied with the international standards of the highest CMMI5 during the R&D process. Our product quality control system is a leader in the industry.




Sundray Technologies is the most secure network for:

Internet Access

Sundray Technologies provides real-time terminal identification and access point. With eight methods of authentication, the wireless network will surely be protected, and WI-FI phishing can be prevented.

Surfing the Internet

All Internet activities in the wireless network will be recorded and managed by Sundray Technologies. With the Internet Activity Management feature that has more than 30 million URL in the filtering database and 1700 kinds of application signatures in the database, you will surely be saved from harmful sites and applications.


By giving different authentication to employees and visitors, Sundray Technologies can separate a working network and visitors’ network. Additionally, it also offers enterprise-level firewall configuration and is also able to shield carry-on or ad-hoc Wi-Fi.


By encrypting communication tunnels and data gotten via wireless service, Sundray Technologies ensures the security of data Aside from securing your network, Sundray Technologies can also be utilized as a marketing tool. By leveraging three tools, passenger-flow analysis tools, ads pushing platform, and WeChat marketing techniques, you will have added marketing value to your business. With the use of L7 speed optimization, L7 flow control, intelligent RF optimization, and load balancing technologies, Sundray Technologies has optimized the wireless speed greatly while keeping the wireless network safe. By doing so, the user experience will undoubtedly be better.


- Wireless Access Controller with Audit, Application / URL Control, and Marketing Options

- Enterprise-Grade Access Points (indoor and outdoor)

- Smart PoE Switches

- Wi-fi Accessories

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